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Tomer Halfon/Israel, US/62 minutes/Documentary

When Israeli-born Tomer moves to Hawaii in search for a better life, he expects to start a family with his friend Mataia. He could never have known that Mataia's mother, Trina would interrupt their plans with a suicide attempt. Living with bipolar disorder, Trina's struggles exacerbate after the loss of her son and life is never the same again. Waking up from a 70-day coma, Trina is compelled to re-evaluate her own life - and her own death. Following her post-attempt life, thoughts and feelings, Another Day in Paradise poses important questions about mortality, morality, mental-health and the conscience to remain in this world or not.



Directors Bio

Tomer Halfon is a documentary filmmaker and a photographer. Born in Jerusalem in 1980, Halfon attended the Sam Spiegel film school and the Screen Based Arts department at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design. Inspired by nomadic lifestyle, Halfon travelled the world while documenting his encounters, focusing on fringe culture and marginalized communities.


  • 2020 Docaviv International Film Festival, Tel-Aviv



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