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TWO (2021)

Astar Elkayam/Israel/81 minutes

Omer and Bar are deeply in love when they decide to start a family through IVF treatments. Their journey begins full of excitement and support, but after many unsuccessful insemination attempts, their desperation grows and the women are forced to face the conflicts in their relationship.

TWO poster WEB.png



  • Inside Out Toronto 2021

  • Molodist Kyiv International Film Festival 2021, Sunny Bunny competition

  • Toronto Jewish Film Festival 2021

  • qFlix 2021

  • Out on Film Atlanta 2021

  • OUTshine Film Festival 2021

  • Thessaloniki G.L.A.D Festival 2021

  • Reel Affirmations 2021

  • UK Jewish Film Festival 2021

  • Austin Jewish Film Festival 2021

  • Image+Nation Film Festival 2021

  • Australian Jewish Film Festival 2022

  • Cheries-Cheris Paris LGBTQ Film Festival



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